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CBD White Label

Hemp Extraction Services

European hemp extraction services! Our company works in close collaboration with a hemp extraction company based Germany. This enables us to provide our customers premium CBD extraction services. We use CO2 Supercritical equipment to process your hemp. This is an absolutely safe extraction method and leaves no toxic impact on the extract. Our specialists have a vast experience in the field of hemp extraction services. Working with us you can be sure that your raw material will be processed by professionals!

Looking for hemp extraction company? You are in the right place! Contact us to book your hemp biomass extraction service! The priority of our company is high quality CBD products.

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Close cooperation with a European based hemp processing company allowing us to provide the highest quality CBD extraction services. The initial step for the production of any CBD products is hemp processing. There are different types of extraction, but we believe that CO2 Supercritical is by far one of the best hemp extraction methods. The main advantage is that CO2 allows not only to obtain a full spectrum cannabinoids profile but also has no toxic impact on the product!

CO2 hemp extraction requires constant control and supervision. Extraction specialists must control the temperature of all components and make adjustments to the heating and cooling systems accordingly. Our specialists have extensive experience in the CBD extraction services field. Working with us you will get the opportunity to process your biomass in a licensed hemp extraction factory in Germany.

We are your reliable Hemp Extraction Services partner! Let us transform your certified hemp into premium full spectrum crude oil!

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