hemp extraction services

What is the best way to produce high-quality CBD products?

In today’s article, we will discuss the most common hemp extraction methods and consider the main advantages and disadvantages of each.

Year after year the European hemp market is developing rapidly, and as far as we know, demand always creates competition. In a highly competitive niche, success will directly depend on the quality of the final products. This is the main reason why you need to be confident when choosing your hemp extraction services partner!

What are the most common hemp extraction methods?

Steam distillation

This is a very old and well-known extraction method, it’s also probably the most easier way to extract essential oils. The process occurs when the vapour releases volatile plant material and eventually undergoes condensation and collection. However, CBD oils obtained by this hemp extraction method can always vary in quality depending on the pressure, temperature and duration of the processing.

The solvent extraction

This is also a well-known hemp processing method with a variety of solvents to use. Solvent CBD extraction is quite a dangerous extraction method if not performed under the guidance of professionals. The most commonly used solvents are ethanol or butane. The extract will also need additional purification to remove solvent residues. This method definitely is a less costly solution, however, high temperatures can destroy some of the beneficial compounds.

CO2 Supercritical Hemp Extraction Services

We believe that this is the most advanced and also safe hemp extraction method. As a result of CO2 extraction, a product of higher quality can be obtained in comparison with the above-mentioned processing methods. Сarbon dioxide under pressure becomes liquid while remaining in a gaseous state and is pumped into a chamber filled with the raw material. Due to its liquid state, CO2 gas acts as a solvent, pulling out all of the components of the plant. One of the many benefits of CO2 extraction is higher efficiency and production of the highest quality full spectrum CBD crude oil. The only disadvantages of this method are the high cost and the presence of at least two qualified specialists in the field of hemp extraction services.

Which method should you choose?

As a company that provides hemp extraction services, we start all our processing with the use of CO2 Supercritical equipment. In our opinion, this hemp extraction method is the safest. CO2 won’t leave any toxic impact on the extract, providing us with the ability to produce premium full spectrum CBD crude oil.

Are you looking for a European base hemp extraction company? You are in the right place. Contacts us to book your hemp extraction services and your material will be processed by professionals. The extraction takes place in a licensed extraction facility in Germany.